Role of Jurisdictions

XBRL International is comprised of local jurisdictions which represent countries, regions or international bodies and focus on the progress of XBRL in their areas as well as contributing to international development.  
  • Jurisdictions promote XBRL and organise or sponsor the creation of taxonomies, notably for the main accounting standards for business reporting in their area.  They provide an important education and marketing role, explaining the benefits of XBRL to government and private organisations and supporting implementation of XBRL.  Organisations seeking information or help on using XBRL should turn in the first instance to their local jurisdiction. 
  • There are two types of jurisdictions - provisional and established.  Provisional jurisdictions are similar to start-up organisations with a small working group focussed on increasing interest within their region and developing an initial taxonomy for local accounting standards.  Provisional jurisdictions have up to two years to become an established jurisdiction.  Established jurisdictions have a critical mass of members, several working groups, and have made significant progress on taxonomy development and promotion of XBRL.  Established jurisdictions vote as part of the Member Assembly, and all members can contribute fully to working groups and other XBRL activities.   
  • The main Jurisdictions page has a full list of jurisdictions, with information on their websites and contacts. The Membership section of this website explains the benefits of membership of XBRL and how to become a member. The Forming a Jurisdiction page explains how organisations may start the process of setting up a jurisdiction in regions where one does not already exist

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