Units Registry

The Units Registry provides a set of standard units that may appear in XBRL instances. As XBRL applications have emerged, unit declarations have appeared in XBRL instance documents having multiple names for equivalent meanings, and identical names having different meanings. The goal of the XBRL Units Registry (UTR) is to be a public, online data set that documents these units and their usage.

The Specification document listed below describes the UTR and the process by which it is is updated.  This process is intended to maximise the utility and longevity of the new units and the taxonomies that use them. 

The latest version of the UTR will always be on the URL www.xbrl.org/utr/utr.xml.

Units Registry Specification

These documents describe the XBRL International Units Registry (UTR) and the process by which it is updated. 

Comments on these documents or the contents of the registry may be sent at any time to utram@xbrl.org.

The following two documents define the Structure and update process for the Units Registry

Structure (HTML) - Recommendation 18 November 2013

A zip file of the Structure conformance suite can be found here.  

Process (HTML)

Units Registry Conformance 1.0 (CR) November 18, 2013


A zip file of sample conformance suite tests can be downloaded here


Comments on the registry, the update processand submissions for the Units Registry should be sent to the Units Registry Approval Manager at utram@xbrl.org.

The schema for the UTR can be found at:


Previous versions of the UTR can be found at the following locations:

2013-02-28:  www.xbrl.org/utr/2013-02-28/utr.xml

2012-01-30:  www.xbrl.org/utr/2012-01-30/utr.xml

2012-10-31:  www.xbrl.org/utr/2012-10-31/utr.xml

2012-11-30:  www.xbrl.org/utr/2012-11-30/utr.xml

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