Taxonomy Recognition Process

This section provides information on the XBRL International process for formal recognition of taxonomies.  The documents below give details on the process and information required by submitters of taxonomies.  To contact the Taxonomy Recognition Task Force (TRTF) please send an e-mail to

Taxonomy Recognition Process for Acknowledgement

  • XBRL Taxonomy Recognition Process for Acknowledgement April 9, 2013
    This document defines the overall process for acknowledgement of taxonomies by XBRL International. 

    Versions of this document are available in other formats as follows:

    Microsoft Word 

    The other documents on this page were prepared in conjunction with the old version of the Taxonomy Recognition Process and are in the process of being reviewed for consistency with the most recent version. If there is any doubt as to the applicability of anything specifically contained in them please contact for clarification.

Taxonomy Recognition - Reference Information

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