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XII Announces 2012 Board of Directors

XBRL International (XII) is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for 2012, as confirmed by the XII Member Assembly.  The Board is comprised of representatives from the XII’s Jurisdictions and Organisational Direct Members, as well as at-large representatives. The group advises and assists in executing strategic opportunities as a result of XBRL’s growing international adoption, identifies critical reporting trends for which the XBRL standard is appropriate, and develops long-term growth and sustainability strategies for the XBRL international consortium.

“The members of the 2012 XII Board of Directors are leaders and experts in the global business community. Their broad experience in financial, business and regulatory reporting as well as standard setting will be an asset to XII and the XBRL community”, said XII CEO Tony Fragnito.

2012 Members of the XBRL International Board of Directors

Jurisdictional Representatives
Conor O'Kelly - XBRL Ireland
GA Ramaswamy - XBRL India
Ying Wei - XBRL China

Organisational Direct Member Representatives
Arleen Thomas - AICPA, USA
Cees De Boer - Deloitte, Netherlands
Juthika Ramanathan - ACRA, Singapore

At-Large Representatives
Al Berkeley - Vice Chair of Security First Corporation, USA
Juliette Kennel - Swift, Belgium
Karla McKenna - Citi Bank, USA
Yoshiaki Wada - NTT Data, Japan

Read the November XII Newsletter

The first issue of XII Instances, our monthly newsletter, is available in the Community Section of our website at xbrl.org/xbrl-news

Technical Milestones Achieved by the XBRL Standards Board and Technical Working Groups

At the request of the XBRL International Standards Board (XSB), the XII Board of Directors recently approved the promotion of two updates to the XBRL Specification to Recommended Status, with immediate effect. This action releases these enhancements to the marketplace. The updates include:

• Transformation Registry 2.0, updating certain calculations
• Formula Specification to Recommended Status, which drives validations based on XBRL instance facts and generation of derived data as output XBRL instance facts

“These are important advancements for the XBRL Standard that have undergone intensive testing, along with significant time for public comment”, said XSB Chair Conor O’Kelly. “Furthermore this reflects increased adoption and the advancing maturity of the XBRL specification. We believe that the market will respond with enhanced product development and further incorporation of XBRL into business reporting solutions”.

More information can be found at http://xbrl.org/SpecRecommendations

XII Seeks Candidates for the XBRL Standards Board


XBRL International (XII) is seeking three candidates to fill positions on the XII Standards Board (XSB). This is a call to all XII eligible participants who are interested in serving the organization as a voting member of the XSB. Since the release of the XBRL development roadmap, “Preserve, Promote, Participate” last fall the organization has undertaken a series of exciting new initiatives. The goal of this recruitment is to expand the resources of the XSB to deliver on this development roadmap.

The XSB is comprised of members that are both technically competent and business focused (see Section 2.3 “Spread of membership” in the XSB Charter). The current XSB charter and XSB composition can be found at: http://www.xbrl.org/StandardsBoard/


XSB candidates may be nominated by any member of XII and may include self- nominations. The Nominations Committee will conduct interviews after the close of the nominations period. Final candidate recommendations will be presented to the XII Board for approval.


The terms of these positions are annual but may be renewed for up to 5 years by mutual agreement.

Targeted Competencies

Architecture - focus on XML and specifically XBRL technology including competencies and experiences in designing and developing service oriented architectures (SOA), database application design for business intelligence solutions (analytics, reporting);
Business reporting management experts - with focus on the design and/or operation of end-to-end  business  processes  associated  with  performance  reporting,  including  competencies  and experiences in designing and managing information systems and defining  solutions architecture. 

Product management - focused on the gathering, analysis and prioritizing of requirements from business to functionality requirements. Experiences and competencies should include active team participation in technology projects or products from start to completed work or released Product.


Program  management  -  with  focus  on  the  design  of  feature  sets  based  on  functional requirements. Competencies include the ability to drive key trade off decisions, to illustrate the best sequencing of features over time from a design perspective that also meet requirements, and  evaluate  the  resource  requirements  for  development  and  the  delivery  capacity  of  a distributed, matrix team.

Candidates  should  demonstrate  a  record  of  working  knowledge  of  XBRL  implementation  with competencies in teaming, technical judgment, negotiation, and strategic planning.



Any XII Eligible Participant may be nominated as a candidate to the Standards Board. Individuals may self nominate for this position and no seconder is required. If you are nominating someone else please ensure that they are able to confirm nomination by the deadline.

Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for submitting nominations and candidate statements and for nominees to confirm they accept nomination is 2359 UTC, 9 December 2011.

There is no limit on the length of candidate statements. Please send nominations, candidate statements and confirmation of acceptance of nominations, if applicable, by PRIVATE E-MAIL to  nominate@xbrl.org.

XII Announces Standing Committee Appointments for 2012

(October 31,2011) -- The Member Assembly of XBRL International (XII) today elected members of three standing committees for 2011 – 2012. Individuals were named to the following committees: Nominations, Finance & Human Resources and Membership Development.

“The participation of individuals at all levels of our organisation is vital to the development and adoption of XBRL,” said Anthony Fragnito, CEO of XII. “The people named to these committees reflect the supply chain and geographic diversity that is the hallmark of XII. We thank both those who were selected and those who were nominated”.

Nominations Committee:
Campbell Pryde, XBRL US, USA
Jaydeep Shah, ICAI, India
Hugh Wallis, Standard Dimensions, Canada
Ignacio Boixo, Bank of Spain, Spain
Olivier Servais, IFRS Foundation, UK
Josef Macdonald, Deloitte, UK
Jamie Shay, SWIFT, US
Makoto Koizumi, Fujitsu, Japan
Mike Willis, PWC, US
Phillip Allen, CoreFiling, UK

Finance & Human Relations Committee:
Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Deloitt,  India
Enrique Bonson, XBRL Spain & Univ. of Huelva, Spain
Noemi di Segni, CNDEC, Italy
Jean-Luc Menda, Banque de France, France
Arleen Thomas, AICPA, US
Paul Penler (Treasurer), Ernst & Young, US

Membership Development Committee
Kyle Lamb, Ernst & Young, UK
Dr. Ryan Lemand, Securities & Commodities Authority of UAE
Raghu, ICAI, India
Paul Phenix, Bakertilly, Hong Kong
Olivier Servais, IFRS, UK
Gerald Trites, CICA, Canada
Dave Van den Ende, Deloitte, Netherlands
Yoshiaki Wada, NTT Data, Japan
Michal Piechocki , BR-AG, Poland
Ana Christina Sepulveda, SVS, Chile  Observer
Gilles Maguet, XBRL Europe, Europe Observer


XBRL International Releases Abstract Model

(12 December, 2011) -- UPDATED -- The initial draft of the abstract model continues to be open for public comment. Please access the draft at: http://xbrl.org/Specification/abstractmodel-primary/PWD-2011-10-19/abstractmodel-primary-PWD-2011-10-19.html

Circulation of the Public Working Draft is unrestricted. This document is normative. Recipients are invited to submit comments to modelling-feedback@xbrl.org, and to submit notification of any relevant patent rights of which they are aware and provide supporting documentation.

The first draft of its Abstract Model was released at the 23rd XBRL International Conference in Montreal, Canada. The abstract model has been developed by XII’s Abstract Modelling Task Force (AMTF) as a means of establishing a common framework for communicating and understanding the XBRL technology. The abstract model provides a conceptual framework for understanding XBRL and gives developers a strong foundation for implementing XBRL solutions.

“The XSB continues to deliver against the strategic plan, including increased comparability, making XBRL easier to use, reducing the barriers to XBRL software development. The public working draft is a key component of that and we encourage market feedback”, said XSB Chair Conor O’Kelly.

The XII Abstract Model includes use case diagrams, class diagrams, object diagrams, and sequence diagrams and is a key component of Preserve Promote Participate, the strategic core vision developed by the XBRL Standards Board to continue the momentum of the XBRL standard.

More information can be found at http://xbrl.org/abstract-modelling-task-force

Abstract Modelling Sponsors:


Best Practices Board Survey

The XII Best Practices Board is conducting a short survey in order to develop criteria and prioritize the work product for the coming year. Your input into this process is vital to the continued successful development and adoption of the XBRL standard.

Take the XII Best Practices Board Survey

New Session Added to XBRL23

*NEW* XII has added a new Interactive Panel Discussion: New and Anticipated US XBRL Mandated Data Standards and Its Impact on Government & Capital Markets Reporting to the program at XBRL23. Just $195 and includes the full Thursday program as well. Free to XBRL attendees. Register here.

Thursday, 27 October 2011 – 0900

Following video remarks from House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa(R-CA),  join in an interactive discussion featuring David Blaszkowsky from the U.S. Treasury, Kim Wallin, State Controller of Nevada and IMA board member and David Colgren, CEO of the Colcomgroup and Chair of the IMA XBRL Sub-Committee on Advocacy and Adoption of XBRL and strategic advisor to XBRL International. 

The interactive panel will discuss:

The Children and Family Services Innovation and Improvement Law that was recently approved by Congress and signed into law by President Obama. Section 105 amends the Social Security Act to require the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to designate common data elements and common data reporting standards to govern the reports that states must submit to the Federal government on how they spend child welfare funds that they receive from the Federal government.  The provision expressly requires the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to “incorporate existing nonproprietary standards, such as the eXtensible Business Reporting Language.” The panel will discuss key provisions, time schedules for implementation, additional legislative efforts to use XBRL across social service reporting  and its relevance to the XBRL community.

The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act “DATA Act” (H.R. 2146/S. 1222) pending before Congress. The data standardization language in this legislation pending before Congress that mandates XBRL is very similar to the data standardization provisions of the recently enacted Children and Family Services Innovation and Improvement Law that would require the same innovation for all Federal spending data. The panel will discuss the status of this legislation, implementation options, potential benefits to various stakeholders such as city, state and federal government, policy makers and taxpayers and how it will change reporting between cities, states and federal agencies using insight from Kim Wallin and the State of Nevada. The panel will discuss basic steps XBRL members can take to help support the DATA Act approval by the US Congress.  

Current and Future XBRL Implementation in the United States: 
The panel is also prepared to discuss XBRL efforts being pursued - independent of legislation- in other federal agencies and departments to provide transparency and accountability as well as provide a brief overview of the status of implementation of XBRL by the US SEC.  

The session is $195 and also includes all Thursday XBRL23 activities (including lunch). Full registrants to XBRL23 can attend this special session free of charge.


XBRL Mandated in US Child Welfare Fund Reporting

U.S. President Obama signed the Children and Family Services Innovation and Improvement Act, H.R. 2883, which specifically references XBRL.

The text of the new law is here: http://thomas.loc.gov/home/gpoxmlc112/h2883_rds.xml

The data standardization provision is in Section 105 which amends the Social Security Act to require the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to designate common data elements and common data reporting standards to govern the reports that states must submit to the Federal government on how they spend child welfare funds that they receive from the Federal government.  The provision expressly requires the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to “incorporate existing nonproprietary standards, such as the eXtensible Business Reporting Language.”

Reminder: File your Board and Committee Nominations Now

XBRL International will be holding elections for the XBRL International Board of Directors (XII Board)  and XII Standing Committees during the XII Member Assembly meeting held on 2011-10-25 in Montreal, Canada. These leadership roles are critical to the continued successful operation of XII and the advancement of the XBRL standard. Nominations are due by 23.59 UTC on Friday 7 October 2011.

Please download and carefully read the nominations instructions before submitting your nominations

Board of Director Nomination Instructions

Standing Committee Nomination Instructions


The XII Board is currently seeking candidates for the following categories:


  • Three (3) Jurisdiction Voting Representatives;
  • Three (3) Organisational Direct Member representatives;
  • Five (5) At-large seats, of which one is reserved for the Treasurer, eligible to any candidate (including Jurisdiction and Organizational Direct members, any XII eligible participant or any other individual)

XBRL International (XII) is seeking candidates to fill positions on the following three(3) XII Standing Committees:

  • Nominations Committee
  • Membership Development Committee
  • Finance and Human Resources (FHR) Committee


Please download and carefully read the nominations document before submitting your nomination.


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