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Reminder: File your Board and Committee Nominations Now

XBRL International will be holding elections for the XBRL International Board of Directors (XII Board)  and XII Standing Committees during the XII Member Assembly meeting held on 2011-10-25 in Montreal, Canada. These leadership roles are critical to the continued successful operation of XII and the advancement of the XBRL standard. Nominations are due by 23.59 UTC on Friday 7 October 2011.

Please download and carefully read the nominations instructions before submitting your nominations

Board of Director Nomination Instructions

Standing Committee Nomination Instructions


The XII Board is currently seeking candidates for the following categories:


  • Three (3) Jurisdiction Voting Representatives;
  • Three (3) Organisational Direct Member representatives;
  • Five (5) At-large seats, of which one is reserved for the Treasurer, eligible to any candidate (including Jurisdiction and Organizational Direct members, any XII eligible participant or any other individual)

XBRL International (XII) is seeking candidates to fill positions on the following three(3) XII Standing Committees:

  • Nominations Committee
  • Membership Development Committee
  • Finance and Human Resources (FHR) Committee


Please download and carefully read the nominations document before submitting your nomination.


SBR to be Standard Platform for Australia Superannuation Industry


Standard Business Reporting (SBR) has been announced as the standard platform for superannuation industry transactions as part of the Stronger Super Reforms.  Specifically, SBR will be used to develop the taxonomy and message structures and XBRL will be used as the standard for information exchange across the superannuation industry in Australia. These standards will be mandated across all member contribution and rollover superannuation transactions and relevant reporting to Government.

Read the full Stronger Super Information Pack.

Read the media release from the Hon Bill Shorten MP, A Better Deal for Super Fund Members.

Full Day XBRL Workshop at Bryant University (USA)

Your Clients Begin XBRL Filings Soon - Are YOU Ready?: A full day workshop at Bryant University, September 30, as part of the 11th Annual Bryant University XBRL Conference

(September 11, 2011) Bryant University is offering CPA firms that have SEC practices the opportunity to learn about the requirements and opportunities associated with the SEC's interactive data mandate and its impact on their clients. This full day workshop, held in conjunction with the 11th Annual XBRL Conference at Bryant University, is designed to help CPAs understand what they must do, what they can do, and what their clients expect of them.
Bryant University has been at the forefront of XBRL Education from the first days of XBRL, leading the way through its annual conference, outreach to other academics and students and especially founding and continuously administrating the annual XBRL academic competition, providing the XBRLEducation.com web site, and producing journal and articles.
Bryant will be bringing together leading speakers and thought leaders in the XBRL community to discuss XBRL, and will be hosting a special one day track (as part of the two day conference) focused on CPAs in practice.  CPAs from the local and surrounding area are invited to Bryant's ' attractive training  facilities for cost-effective practical and hands-on learning about XBRL and the SEC mandate.

The workshop on September 30 is in two distinct sessions.

The morning session, for all relevant practitioners, will provide the background on the SEC mandate, its impact on CPA firms and their clients, and the opportunities Year 3 of the SEC mandate brings. The afternoon session, for those ready to gain a more technical background, will be a hands-on session to learn the software and technology of the XBRL filings for the SEC mandate. Bryant's training laboratories have everything you will need to walk away with a strong grasp of the preparation and review tasks necessary for quality XBRL filings.

For more information on the Bryant University 11th XBRL Conference and the special workshop, please visit www.XBRLEDUCATION.com and http://www.xbrleducation.com/conferences/11th%20Tentative%20Program.pdf

About Bryant University:
Throughout our nearly 150 year history, Bryant has been building the knowledge and character of our students to help them achieve success. We are a student-centered university, focused on providing rigorous academic programs that integrate business and liberal arts to develop the skills and critical thinking that are essential to every profession.

The College of Arts and Sciences' array of academic programs combines a deep understanding of theory with practical skills and marketable experience so students can make a meaningful impact immediately upon graduation.
The College of Business offers business specialties with the depth and breadth of a large business school paired with the individual attention found on small college campuses.
The Graduate School of Business offers advanced degrees in business administration, taxation, and accounting that provide students with practical experience, a deep knowledge base, and a cadre of contacts to help them advance in their chosen careers.

Register Today for XBRL23 in Montreal - New Speakers Announced!!

The program for the 23rd XBRL International Conference will be an XBRL experience like no other – featuring a dynamic agenda led by experts from around the world sharing their knowledge and insight. Case studies, panel discussions and keynote sessions by technology, business and regulatory leaders will bring to life the tangible benefits of XBRL and demonstrate how it can be used to enhance business performance . 

Register today!

OpenFiling General Assembly Announced

The OpenFiling First Ordinary General Assembly will be held September 5th, 2011. The official announcement of meeting can be found here or visit www.openfiling.info for more information.

FASB Accounting Standards Update Published for Comment

The Financial Accounting Standards Board today published for public review and comment Taxonomy Changes for Accounting Standards Update No. 2011-05— Comprehensive Income (Topic 220): Presentation of Comprehensive Income.

This taxonomy change will be available for public comment through October 10, 2011.  These changes will be incorporated into the proposed 2012 U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy, which will be available in Q3 2011 for public review and comment.

Call for XBRL Japan Academic Competition

The XBRL Japan Educational Working Group is kindly inviting to submit research papers and/or software tools for presentation at XBRL Workshop which will be held at Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 3, 2010. This Academic Competition celebrates the invaluable contribution of researchers, software developers and anyone who is interested in XBRL development by providing implementations of software tools for XBRL documents, definitions of taxonomies, and other useful and effective applications of XBRL. To read more about this, click here.

XBRL International Begins Development of XBRL Abstract Model

XBRL International, Inc. (XII) recognizes that there is strong interest from several communities in the XBRL Abstract Model initiative. In an effort to provide more details about the initiative and the charter of XII’s Abstract Model Task Force (AMTF) and the scope of its work, XII is conducting free webinars during the week of December 6. To read more about this, click here.

XBRL for Tax, Banking, Corporate Actions and Capital Markets Expanding Globally

NEW YORK, NY, NOVEMBER 9, 2010 –The release of a national General Purpose XBRL Taxonomy by the China Ministry of Finance last month during XBRL21 mandates XBRL across banking, insurance, capital markets, taxation and audit in China. This represents the largest scale integration of the standard to date in the world, building upon  a steadily increasing series of regulatory requirements to use XBRL in Japan, U.S., Australia, U.K., many EU member states and others for tax, annual accounts, corporate financials, mutual funds and standard business reporting.

XBRL International, Inc. appoints Alfred Berkeley of Pipeline Financial Systems to XII Board of Directors. Church, SWIFT CEO of Americas, named to XBRL International Steering Committee to represent US Jurisdiction.

NEW YORK, NY, NOVEMBER 8, 2010 -XBRL International, Inc. (XII) announced today that Alfred R. Berkeley, Chairman, Pipeline Financial Systems LLC, was named to the XII Board of Directors. Prior to joining Pipeline Financial Trading, Mr. Berkeley was President and then Vice Chairman of The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. and brings more than 30 years of experience in financial services, securities analysis and investment banking. Mr. Berkeley has also previously served as Chairman of the Board of XBRL U.S. in 2008. He will continue to serve on the XBRL U.S. Board.

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