XII Seeks Candidates for Best Practices Board

XBRL International (XII) is seeking three (3) candidates to fill positions on the XII Best Practices Board (BPB). This is a call to all XII eligible participants who are interested in serving the organization as a voting member of the BPB.

The purpose of the XBRL International Best Practices Board (BPB) is to manage the production, dissemination and continual improvement of work products that describe methods and processes for successful development, implementation, integration and use of XBRL specifications.

BPB candidates may be nominated by any member of XII and may include self- nominations. The Nominations Committee will conduct interviews after the close of the nominations period. Final candidate recommendations will be presented to the XII member Assembly for approval.

The terms of these positions are annual but may be renewed for up to 2 years by mutual agreement.

Targeted Competencies
Candidates  should  demonstrate  a  record  of  working  knowledge  of  XBRL implementation with competencies in teaming, technical judgment, and strategic planning.


  • Participation in a one-hour weekly call
  • Assist in the authoring of white papers and case studies illustrating XBRL best practices
  • Review white papers which have written by other members of the committee

Any XII Eligible Participant may be nominated as a candidate to the Best Practices Board. Individuals may self nominate for this position and no seconder is required. If you are nominating someone else please ensure that they are able to confirm nomination by the deadline.

If your employer is not a member of XII or an XII Jurisdiction, please contact join@xbrl.org for a review of your membership and particpation options.

Deadline for Submissions
The deadline for submitting nominations and candidate statements and for nominees to confirm they accept nomination is 2359 UTC, 29 February 2012.

There is no limit on the length of candidate statements. Please send nominations, candidate statements and confirmation of acceptance of nominations, if applicable, by PRIVATE E-MAIL to nominate@xbrl.org.

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